The Dangers Of Jumping Castle Hire In Melbourne

Whatever happens, in whatever occasion, your top priority should be always and only making sure that your kids are safe. You see, kids have the tendency to hurt themselves unintentionally.  They fall more than often than adults and even though they need to fall sometimes, what’s the point if the fall causes serious injuries? Let’s say you’re planning your son’s birthday party and he goes, “Mom, I want a jumping castle,” So, as a parent, you may want to employ the use of jumping castle hire in Melbourne because it’s the request of the birthday celebrant. Now, jumping castles are common in play areas inside malls. Or, they can also be used for school fairs. The only question here is this: is it safe to use jumping castle for hire in Melbourne especially if it will be used during your son’s birthday party?

The answer to that question is this: it depends. However, there are horrible stories about injuries and fatal accidents cause by jumping castle for hire in Melbourne and in other parts of the world. For example, there were two boys and a girl playing inside a jumping castle in New York when one strong gust of the wind blew away the inflatable castle at least 50 meters in the air. The result: both boys sustained serious injuries with one falling onto the asphalt after the castle drop him 15 feet in the air while the other one ell onto a vehicle which was fortunately parked nearby. The girl, on the other hand, only sustained minor wounds.  You see? Even if it’s colourful, jumping castle can be very fatal especially if not properly managed. According to official reports, 30 kids are hurt every single day by just playing inside or nearby the jumping castle. And most of these kids that are hurt in these horrible accidents are aged under 17 years old. Imagine if the jumping castle was put on top of a pent house of a rich family. If it blew by accidents and kids were inside it, the catastrophe would be very bloody because once the air inside the inflatable object runs out, it will go down and. Smash! If you’re a responsible parent, you will think twice about getting a jumping castle for your kid.

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