The Different Kinds Of Ayurvedic Massages

People seeking treatment at ayurveda facilities such as Ayurveda Center in Bangkok should know that an ayurvedic massage is not a single type but it comes in seven different forms. The massage depends on the therapy that is being done on the patient. The massages are employing ancient system used by Indians to balance and make the qi, an energy form, stronger. The ayurvedic methods are also a type of holistic treatment that complements with modern medicine in order to get the desired result. The massages are done through various motions, vibration and pressure with the help of herbal oils. Here are the different types of massages employed in ayurveda facilities.

  • This massage focuses on the head in order to stimulate the nerves that are located in the scalp. The process is done by pouring herbal oil over the head of the patient. It should be performed in a constant flow or what is locally known to Indians as dhara. It is employed when a person is suffering from headache, losing focus and experiencing mental fatigue.
  • This is a full body massage using hot herbal and medicinal oil. During the entire process, the room should have a warm, comfortable temperature. Energy centers on the person’s body are stimulated through applying pressure, motion and targeting pressure points.
  • This type of massage requires a masseuse and another person that will pour warm oil on the person’s body while the massage is underway. The medicated oil to be used is determined by the condition of the patient.
  • Ubtaan and Elakijhi. This massage requires the making of solution from herbs or materials from animals. The treatment is done for people who are seeking to have glowing skin, bettwe skin texture and improve the circulation and nourishment of the body.
  • This massage is done to a person who needs to perspire more. First, medicated oil is applied to the body and pressurized massage is done using small cotton with Njavara inside, a special kind of rice. The cottons are coated with cow’s milk and a herbal paste is applied to the body to help in perspiration.

If you are planning to visit Ayurveda Center in Bangkok, make sure you are familiar with the different massages to know what your body needs.

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