Tips For First Time Travelers To South America

South America attracts various types of travellers mainly because of the wonders that it holds. There are snow-capped mountains to look out for as well as busy metropolises that will fill your eyes with the tallest skyscrapers. You will be able to experience and see endangered wildlife, taste world cuisine, visit lush islands and ruins of the past. No matter how exciting the first trip may be, things might feel overwhelming especially if this is your first time travelling to South America. Here a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Study local phrases. Knowing a few of the most basic phrases when travelling South America can go a long way. If you have Spanish speaking nations on your itinerary then make sure to learn a few Spanish phrases in order to go around these places without too much difficulty. If you have to visit Brazil then keep in mind that the locals speak Portuguese and learning the basic will not hurt.
  • Know the guidelines when it comes to using your visa. Every country located in South America has their own visa regulations that citizens of the United States must follow. There are countries that have kept their border open for travellers while there are those that require you to apply for visa before going. To know more, check out the website of the U.S. State Department regarding entry and exit requirements for each nation.

Choose the best time for your South America Tour. South America is one of the largest continents and it also has the most diverse nations. Visiting should be done depending on the goal of your trip. If you want to see the best of Chile and Argentina then you should visit during their summer season. If you want to explore El Chalten glacier and Torres del Paine without the crowd then shoulder season which is spring and fall should be the best time. If you are planning to go to the Amazon rainforest then book a flight between October and November to see fewer crowds and little rain in order to appreciate more of the local wildlife.


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