Tips For Getting Organised With Magnets

Magnets. They’re small wonders made possible with physics; one that’s seen a lot of use in the modern world. One of the more common and mundane uses for them are for storage; they’re seen in people’s houses to keep things attached and neatly organised, with nothing more than a hot glue gun needed.

If you’ve got a lots of vertical surfaces, you can use all that space as extra storage, you just need a little bit of creativity. If putting all those magnets in Brisbane to good use attracts you, here’s some ideas. And yes, I went there.


You can stick some good magnets to the back of your spice containers so you can attach them to the side of your fridge or in a cupboard. This works best with those with see-through caps, as putting them vertically will allow you to see how much of the spices you still have, as well as make identifying them easy while you’re cooking.

Knives, and metal tools

Magnetic bars are, as the name implies, long, vertical strips of magnetic metal that can be attached to walls and other vertical spaces. They can be used in your kitchens to hold up knives and other metal kitchen utensils, as well as adding that little aesthetic touch to your kitchen walls. You can also use them for your garage, to hold the small, easy-to-misplace metal tools you use quite frequently.

Toys and keys; the living room

Toys and car keys have one thing in common; they tend to get misplaced. A lot. If you’re shopping for magnets in Brisbane, this is a good time to consider getting a magnetic bar for these commonly lost objects. Not only do this makes keeping them in one place, they also add that special, collector-like touch to your walls. Also, if they’re high enough, they can be used to keep things from the little tots.

Important tools, like torches

Alright, here’s a not-so-common, but still infuriating, scenario: power’s out, everything’s gone dark and you need to take a look at the fuse box. If only you could find that damn torch (flashlight). Attaching a magnet to your flashlight and slapping that to your fuse box will help you find it in case of an emergency. It doesn’t even have to be a fuse box, just a location that’s easy to access and impossible to miss, but still safe to store something that could break.

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