Tips For Your Ski Trip In Japan

When visiting a country for the first time, whether to ski or to relax, it is important to get to know the culture and proper etiquette requires. Remember to be polite and respect the culture of the local people. One of the good things about the local is that they are friendly and will not hesitate to help a foreign visitor. It is important to follow the rules while staying in a foreign accommodation to void leaving a bad reputation.

One of the most notable practices that Japanese have is removing the shoes before entering establishments. There are slippers that are usually provided but you may have to remove those too in some areas. Observe and follow what the locals are doing. Their toilets also require that you change into the slippers designated for the toilet as well.

Many locals do not speak English thus it will be helpful to get your own Japanese phrasebook. You can also use your mobile gadgets and download one which is handy. Make sure to practice a few phrases before the trip.

When it comes to credit cards, not all establishments have access to one. This is despite the fact that Japan is advanced when it comes to technology. When it comes to financial services, they are not quite on top. Be prepared and make sure you always have cash on you. There are restaurants that accept credit cards and hotels too especially those who have frequent skiers. Ski lift tickets can also be charged to your card. If you ran out of cash, you may use their ATM. Look out for the sing which says International ATM Service.

If you are planning on snowboarding on a weekend or during public holidays, expect a big crowd. If you want to enjoy the place then it is best to book during the not so busy days. Majority of the locals love to ski or snowboard early in the morning, to avoid the crowd you may start in the afternoon. If you have your own long board then it is recommended that you bring them along for your Japan ski holidays. They will be useful during the huge snowfalls.


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