Types Of Home Security Systems

For homeowners buying a home security system for the first time, the task can be daunting because of the many choices. A security system is now considered an important part of a home because it protects not just your property but your loved ones as well. This is why it is essential to do your research before deciding to make sure that you have right system installed in your house.

The first type is the monitored system alarm which is considered to be most widely used. It comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Once triggered, the alarm will notify a call center which will then call the police. The disadvantage is that burglars who are familiar with the system will be able to cut the wires of the outdoor phone line which renders the alarm useless after. When this happens, the call center will not receive any alert. As an alternative, a radio or cellular phone can be utilized instead.

The second type is the unmonitored system and when triggered a loud siren will set off inside the house as well as outside the property. If you are away, you will have to rely on your neighbor to alert the authorities. This is more affordable compared to a monitored system because there is no monitoring fee included. There is also an option to add flashing lights to neighbors will know which house the alarm is coming from. The downside of this system is that the police will not receive automatic alerts.

The third type is wireless alarm system which is easier to install and requires no monitoring fees. You can set it up based in the setting you need. The disadvantage is that there is a limit to the distance between the devices and it requires batteries which need to be checked every now and then.

The last type of home security system is the electric current home alarm system. This is recommended to be installed in homes that are still under construction because it requires electric current to work. The good news is that external electrical currents do not affect the alarm’s operation.

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