What Decorators Do

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What decorators do
Professional decorators work with furniture and other soft furnishings like rugs and fabrics, accessories with the right combination of colors in order to pull together an area together, or a room or the entire house. These decorating jobs usually begin with a meeting between with the client and the decorator.
It is in this conversation that the client will suggest colors and rugs and fabrics preferences to the decorators. The client will also give his or her inputs regarding accessories and the colors that he wants for the project. It is equally important to discuss what the scope of the project is. You can opt to hire a decorator for one day consultation purposes only in order to get ideas which you can implement yourself. On the other hand, you can also ask a decorator to work with you from start to finish of the project.
Here are some important things to keep in mind:
– Remember that communication is the key. As a client, you need to tell the decorator what you would like to do with your room or house. While the decorator may be there to give his input and facilitate the process, it is still your house and keep in mind that your input is very invaluable.
– It is more about more than just choosing fabrics, colors and furniture. The look of your abode should reflect the kind of person that you are. More than your taste in paint colors, rugs and pillows, your passions and hobbies in life should be taken into consideration. Professional decorators should be able to connect your life passions with these details and then work them out in order to have a final vision for your house.
– If you hire a decorator, your budget will be respected which is one of the greatest misconceptions.

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