What It Feels To Arrive At The Prom Riding A Hummer Limousine

My son wanted to impress a girl that is why I hired a Hummer City Limousine so that he could arrive for the prom in a luxurious and elegant ride. It is also the most ideal place for their group to party because the Hummer limousine I rented comes complete with entertainment like the state-of-the-art 200 watts sound system with subwoofers, DVD/CD player and iPod connectivity with a collection of chart-topping music.

My sister was aghast at the thought of renting a Hummer limousine to attend prom night. Why didn’t I just hire a helicopter instead so that my son can make a really impressive entrance? When we were teenagers our parents sent us to the prom on a taxi and while we felt that it was ultimate in luxury then, it is certainly not enough in this generation. Things have changed and sometimes there are situations that call for a little amount of luxury.

My son has been responsible all along and he has made an effort to have good grades in school. This is his first time to request for luxury which I readily indulged. He will certainly feel like a rock star at the prom and all his friends will be taking their turns riding the limousine to check whether the speakers really roar like jet engines.

The Hummer limo will make everyone’s jaw drop because it has 22-inch chrome wheels, an undercarriage with neon lights and tinted windows. The limo will be the talk of the party and everyone else will be too eager to take their selfies with the limo in the background. Cruising around town in the limo with friends will certainly make prom night worth remembering.

How much did I pay to hire the Hummer limo? It was not as expensive as I thought but the expense was worth the joy I saw in my son’s face when the chauffeur parked the limo in front of our home. It is these little tidbits of memory that he will remember that matters. Riding a rented limo might even encourage him to strive harder with his studies so that someday he will no longer be hiring a limo but owning one.

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