Why Handmade Soap Is Simply Amazing

If you will notice, handmade soaps are making their presence known in store shelves. Many customers are interested to try homemade soaps because of the claims that they do not contain chemicals. However, many consumers still have to decide whether they will buy the handmade soap or the traditional soaps manufactured by the big brands.

Consumers are often misled by advertising because the big brands spend millions in marketing and promotions. It is understandable because this is business and the manufacturers have to earn profits. It is typical for find commercial soaps that are labeled with “natural” or “organic.” As a consumer it is important to know the differences between commercially produced soap and the genuine handmade soap.

The process of creating handmade soap is fairly simple with fats/oils and lye blended together to form the soap. The most important element in handmade soap is glycerin that is a natural skin softener. Animal fats and vegetable oils used in handmade soaps contain at least 7% to 13% glycerin. The natural integrity of glycerin must be maintained and allowed to settle in the soap molecules. The right balance of glycerin must be achieved because an excessive amount will make the soap mushy causing it to disintegrate quickly. Too little glycerin and the soap become harsh and dry on the skin.

Handmade soaps do not contain fragrance. The scent that you smell comes from pure essential oils that have therapeutic properties. Try the handmade soap that contains lemongrass essential oil and feel its effects on your senses. Lemongrass is actually cultivated because it citrusy fragrance that will help you calm down from all your stresses. Its scent is so relaxing that you will want to use the soap when you shower before bedtime. If you are suffering from insomnia, try handmade soap with lemongrass oil to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The natural handmade soaps from Thailand & SE Asia have beneficial ingredients. The soaps come in beautiful designs and colors with each bar unique from the other. They have the delicate scent from the essential oils that were used to create them. Handmade soaps can be the best gifts you can give to your family and friends.

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